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Should you call your brand corporate or personal brand?

young man with gas lamp in dark smoky place with amazon logo and tasty AS Media Solutions

The main difference between a corporate brand and a personal brand is that the former refers to a brand used by a business or organization to represent its identity and reputation, while the latter refers to the brand used by a person to represent their own identity and reputation.

The corporate brand focuses on the image and reputation of the company as a whole, including its history, values, culture, and products or services. It is used to establish the company's identity in the marketplace, build customer trust and loyalty, and generate brand recognition.

On the other hand, personal brand refers to the way a person presents himself to the world and how he is perceived by others. It is a combination of skills, experience, personality, and values that are used to build a positive reputation and establish a competitive advantage in the job market or in your field of expertise.

While the corporate brand is used to represent a company and its products or services, the personal brand is used to represent a person and their experience, skills and knowledge. Both are important to success in today's marketplace, but their focus and scope are different.

Here I list characteristics that differentiate the brand from one another:


defocused office photo with goal logo in the center

- It looks more level

- It implies that you have a team

- Feels corporate

- professional language

- Need a strong identity

- You can hide your face

- Feels like a team

- Needs alignment

- Can handle large processes


Photograph of the avocado dam in San Cristobal with the Turismo360RD logo

- Informal and friendly

- More personal

- Deeper connection

- more forgiving

- You can speak more directly

- Need to use your face

- Use personal images

- You can experiment

- Faster iterations

"The market can forget what is being sold, but a well-defined brand is very difficult to forget."


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