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Why create themes for your brand on Instagram?

a cell phone held with one hand in the background statue of the god nile logo AS Media Solutions

A theme is a set of predefined colors, fonts, and visual effects that you can apply to your design to create a unified, professional look.

Using themes gives your presentation a harmonious look with minimal effort to improve the quality and consistency of the content you share on your profile.

03 reasons why you need a theme?

  1. Establish your brand identity.

  2. Enhance the professionalism of the feet.

  3. Color can unconsciously communicate a consistent message of your brand's promise to consumers.



  1. Attract followers' attention: An attractive and unique design can attract the attention of followers and increase their interaction with the profile.

  2. Increases credibility: a profile with a careful and professional design can increase the credibility of the brand or the user.

  3. Improve follower retention – If followers have a pleasant viewing experience, they are more likely to keep engaging with your profile and stay a long-term follower.

  4. Helps establish the brand: A unique and consistent design helps establish the brand and differentiate it from the competition.

  5. Ease of Navigation: A clear and organized layout makes browsing your profile easier and more enjoyable for followers.

  6. Encourage interaction: a careful design can encourage followers to interact with the content of the profile, comment and like.

  7. Reinforces the brand message: Design can be used to reinforce the brand message and to communicate the values and identity of the brand.

  8. Improves Visibility: A neat and unique design can make the profile stand out from the crowd, which can increase visibility and range.

  9. Generates greater engagement: An attractive and well thought-out design can make followers feel more engaged with the profile and with the brand.

  10. Improve content perception: Careful design can make content appear more interesting and valuable, which can lead to more engagement from followers.


elements for a good theme

three squares with color, AS Media Solutions logo pattern and text plus the bust of nefertiti

3-4 colors, 2 for the background and 2 for the foreground.

Pattern, which is optional, but gives your brand a touch of personality

2-3 fonts, one for the header, one for the main text and one for the small text.

Create the theme from your logo

three colored squares, AS Media Solutions logo and text plus the statue of the thinker

You can Extract colors from the logo, and if the logo has limited colors, add some more.

You can go to to generate color palettes.

You can extract fonts from the logo font and add other text.

Chinese zodiac metal horse with question marks and Paris Tuileries Garden Facepalm statue

What if you don't have a logo?


If you already have a color in mind, go to and paste the code, many palettes will be generated according to color theory.

If you have an inspiration panel ready, go to and choose your favorite colors.

And if you don't have anything done, the easiest way is to go to and randomly generate or you can choose from existing combos.


At Googlefont you can find a variety of 100% free fonts.

to know how to get a good combination with various fonts you can search in google for example: "fancy font combination" and you will find many options.

Write me to help you if you need more information on combination of fonts.


You can go to and randomly spawn or you can choose from existing combos.

And if you are an artist, you can create it yourself!

"The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thoughts as funny as you can." David Ogilvy.



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