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Design Sublimation

Explore our exciting collection of full sublimation t-shirts, where each garment is a unique work of art! With innovative designs, we fuse sublimation technology with the creativity that characterizes us to offer you vibrant and stylish garments.



Printex, IASD, SFM





Type of Work


Graphic Desing


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Full sublimation t-shirts offer an explosion of creativity and color, taking customization to the next level. With this printing process, every inch of fabric becomes a blank canvas for your imagination. From vibrant landscapes to abstract designs, the possibilities are endless. Full sublimation allows for the reproduction of crisp, detailed images, ensuring that your design looks as vivid on the shirt as it does on the screen. Plus, with no limits on colors or complexity, you can unleash your creativity and capture any idea on your shirt in a unique and eye-catching way. With a full sublimation t-shirt, your style will be unmistakable and turn heads wherever you go!

boundless creativity

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Don't wait any longer to wear something truly special!"

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