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This Corporate Identity project summarizes the constituent elements of the visual identity of the Emmanuel Group. As such we set the construction guidelines, the use of fonts and the chromatic applications of our brand.

logo agrupacion emmanuel AS Media Solutions


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estructura logo agrupacion emmanuel AS Media Solutions

The main shape is the AE symbology, our full name in a regular and simple typography of shapes gives the logo a strength that transmits leadership and elegance. The simplicity of its forms provide an optimal connection with added values. At the same time, the union of characters and personalized details build a personalized typography, which gives the brand its own modern identity, fundamentally to last over time.

The group was founded on November 26, 1983 in the city of San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic; by two young people who wanted to form a group to sing in an Evangelistic campaign and encourage those who attended church and were not members. Its brand was composed of a circular figure and two fonts in which it has the initials and the full name of the group. With a simple chromatic of black and white introduced in the circular figure.

In Agrupación Emmanuel there is a responsibility to spread the gospel of Christ and the commitment to serve others, consequently, for this, an image has been created for AE that contains fresh and contemporary expression, a new air, a clear and simple image that expresses through the brand the values that define the group.

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