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Title Dominican Union Collection
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Dominican Union Collectible Pin from 1995

dominican union

A unique edition of the Dominican Union was designed by Pr. Héctor Leger, Dr. Miguel Rivera and Mr. Ramon Emilio in 1995 with the lower stripe with the name of the union in red, at the request of the director JA of the UD at that time the Pr. Orlando González changes to the light blue color, for 1998 Pr. Cedano adds the gold border with the purpose of using it for the Dominican delegation in the inter-American camporee in Puerto Rico.

eastern dominican association

The youth director for the year 2007, Pr. Teófilo Silvestre, together with his management team, asked Engineer Yoel Cueto to design this edition for the association, but on the eve of the change in 2008, Pr. Geuris Paulino made official and reproduced the art in embroidery.

Eastern Dominican Association Collectible Pin
Dominican Association of the Southeast Collectible Pin

southeastern dominican association

This edition was prepared at the beginning of the year 2015, under the charge of Pr. Robert Hernández who was the Youth director in that period, he asked Mr. Wolfann Ceballos to design the emblem and by the middle of the same year it was made official and reproduced for your use.

Northeast Dominican Mission

The emblem was elaborated in 2004 when the Dominican union encouraged the Mission to create its own emblem and immediately Pr. Lázaro Cedano asked Mr. Wolfann Ceballos and by 2005 this was made official in the region.

Northeast Dominican Association Collectible Pin
Northern Dominican Association Collectible Pin

Northern Dominican Association

This edition was prepared for the years 2012-2014, before it there were two more versions, during that period Pr. Enrique Ortiz was in charge as Youth Director, for 2012 Mr. Wolfann Ceballos Designs the proposal and is it is officialized.

dominican central association

This emblem was elaborated for the year 1998 designed by Mr. David Regus under the direction of Pr. Luis Cedano Milanes although for 2014 Mr. Elvin Del Rosario Busi restructured the art under the command of the youth director Pr. Felipe Bautista who formalizes the restructured emblem.

Central Dominican Association Collectible Pin
Southern Dominican Association Collectible Pin

southern dominican mission

This edition was prepared in 2009, during that year Pr. Benjamín Vizcaíno was in charge of the youth ministries department, who to date Mr. Puro Arias, Ruddy Ferreras and Pr. Juan Alberto Silvestre are in charge of designing the emblem in charge of Pr. Benjamín Vizcaíno.

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